FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, and KANSAS CITY, KS. February 1st, 2018- National Jets and SkyMark Refuelers are pleased to announce the delivery and first three-months of operation of four new SkyMark Jet Refuelers.

National Jets have always prided themselves on working with the best suppliers and truck refueling companies in town. Considering their repute and the extensive range of operations they carry out, it was expected that the company would be thronged with offers from refueler's when they posted an offer for companies providing refueling trucks to come up with a proposal.

SkyMark Refuelers have been prominent protagonists in the market for truck refuelers and the decision by National Jets to shortlist them does not come across as a surprise. The General Manager at National Jets, Reggie Nichols expressed his delight at the deal between the two stakeholders by commenting that "Knowing we have a solid product on the ground and the support of an entire company only a phone call away, had an important role to play in our decision. Competition between quality manufacturers is quite healthy and makes an "apples to apples" comparison of all refuelers difficult. It was complicated to pick a clear winner simply based on functionality. Steven Paul and the ability of the entire team at SkyMark Refuelers to handle the transaction from consulting on truck size to financing the transaction in a structure that best suited National Jets really made the difference in the end."

CEO for National Jets, Sam Robbins, seconded the opinion of the General Manager and expressed his views by commenting that, "National Jets' guests will continue to see just how serious we are about the service we deliver to them, with the addition of the two 5,000-gallon trucks and two 7,000-gallon trucks from SkyMark Refuelers.  These SkyMark trucks allow National Jets to provide efficient fueling with digital wireless transmission for billing. These modern features along with the ability to fuel 7,000 gallons from a single truck provides a faster turn-around time, allowing our Guests to be on their way much quicker."   

While National Jets are delighted at the agreement between both the companies, the general perception at SkyMark Refuelers is no different. SkyMark Refuelers have been working with reputable clients for quite some time now and are delighted at the prospects of having National Jets on their list of clients.

Steven Paul, CEO of SkyMark Refuelers, commented - "We are very proud to have earned the trust of National Jets.  Additionally, I was extremely impressed with the attention to details along with the forward thinking exhibited by Reggie Nichols, Mark Binko and the line service personnel as they customized and ordered their new fleet of SkyMark jet refuelers.  It was very clear from the onset of our discussions that providing spectacular customer service is a top priority at National Jets, and by integrating the most advanced electronic data collection software with wireless transmission, National Jets will be able to enhance their already terrific service and customer experience. 

With both National Jets and SkyMark Refuelers sharing the same notion of positivity regarding the agreement, it can be expected that they will form a long-lasting business partnership that matures over the years.