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On Demand Fuel Trucks

SkyMark Refuelers is the leading manufacturer of On Demand Fueling Trucks in the country. With over 30 units on the road, SkyMark specializes in building trucks to deliver fuel directly to the consumer or small fleet customer.

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Over the last several years, our firm has built units that not only comply with the growing number of industry fire and safety codes, but also, provide the type of performance necessary to hold up to the wear and tear that comes with fueling 50 plus times a day.

With this in mind, SkyMark is announcing its state-of-the-art consumer fueling vehicle. SkyMark has engineered this workhorse retail gas delivery truck to fuel cars all day long. Our consumer fueling truck can be filled at any commercial loading rack and connects easily to your mobile technology. All refueling trucks meet the highest safety standards including NFPA 385, NFPA 30A and API RP 1004. These features are incorporated into our new "tank in a box" design that offers a clean box truck like appearance and plenty of cabinetry.

Safety First | On Demand Fuel Trucks | SkyMark Refuelers

All fuel delivery trucks are built road legal, mounted with an aluminum tank and equipped with simplified, high visibility, easy to operate controls, displays and meters. Refuelers include fully modular design for easy repair and serviceability in the field. Safety placards, product decals and operating decals are installed prior to shipment.

SkyMark can deliver a single refueling truck or a fleet of refueling trucks customized with your company's color scheme and branding. Whether your company delivers premium gasoline, regular gasoline or diesel, this truck is perfect for all your consumer fueling needs.

On Demand Fuel Trucks | SkyMark Refuelers

Our fuel truck in a box allows you to get twice the useful life out of your fuel truck. When needed, the modular design makes this unit easy to remove and remount the body on another truck chassis.


  • Diesel engine chassis
  • One or two compartment aluminum tank
  • Hydraulic pumping system (1 pump for dispensing 2 types of automotive gasolines)
  • Dispensing equipment installed in mid module with hoses on both sides of truck
  • TCS meter with wifi capability
  • Two isolated bottom loading systems with high-level shut off
  • Auxiliary pumping system to safely offload fuel from one truck to another
  • Safety beacons and alarms

For more information or to place an order, please contact:

Mike Ellis

SkyMark Refuelers
(913) 653-8112