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We’ve done it! Our whopping 15,000 gallon jet refueler officially outperforms the same-sized tanker of our competitor’s. As you can see in the video above, we put two trucks to the test out on the tarmac, and we’re proud to say that SkyMark came out on top. Even with our slightly longer truck chassis design, our shorter wheelbase makes The Skymark 15,000 Gallon Jet Refueler  easier to control, safer, and better for fueling. (The aircraft refueler truck shown above was made for a partner avionics company, Million Air, by the way)

More Control

Fuel truck | SkyMark Refuelers

Sure, it’s not often that you’ll have to make a 180 degree U-turn while you’re out on the concrete, but when you do, you can rest assured that your SkyMark truck will take you around the bend without a hitch. Fuel truck drivers know first hand that control counts when fueling aircraft. When you’re driving a vehicle that’s the size of a whale, and you’re surrounded by multi-million dollar equipment, it can feel like you’re trying to thread a fragile, golden needle with thick, heavy-duty mooring rope built to hold a cruise ship in place (excuse the long-winded metaphor). Ensure that your fuel truck is parked right where it needs to be—snug against the fuel door—with the high control of a SkyMark refueler.

As you can tell, we strive to build chassis that are versatile, which protects your investment, while providing greater safety for your crew and property.

Better Safety

15,000 gallons of jet fuel | Skymark Refuelers

When you’re carrying 15,000 gallons of jet fuel, an accident can be catastrophic. Fortunately, we build strong tanks atop heavy-duty chassis that are easy to control. When you invest in a truck built by the crew here at SkyMark Refuelers, you can rest assured that your refueler is built to perform, even in a tight spot. Now, our aircraft refuelers can’t turn on a dime (they’re dozens of feet long after all), but you can drive with confidence, knowing that you have a refueler that is built for driver ease-of-use.

Speedier Fuel-Ups

When other trucks might have to make a 5-point turn to get into the perfect position to fuel their next airplane, a SkyMark truck might only need a three-point turn. And when seconds count, that could mean major savings for your airline, better service for your clients, and a speedier transition from aircraft to aircraft and aircraft to fuel source.

The SkyMark Refuelers Difference

The SkyMark Refuelers DifferenceSimply put, we strive to build the best refueling trucks you can find. The SkyMark team brings over a century of collective experience to the table, making our company the premier authority on aircraft refueler manufacturing. We strive to provide unbeatable customer service and an unparalleled product, and we’re ecstatic to work with some of the greatest vendors, airlines, and aircraft operations businesses in the world. Find out more about the SkyMark team, check out our current catalog of aircraft refuelers, and get in touch with us today if you’re ready to find out the SkyMark Refuelers difference for yourself.